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The big game is coming on soon. You’ve got plenty of friends coming over to cheer your team onto victory. Before the game gets started, however, you want to have a little food, a little fun, and maybe some conversation.

Throwing the perfect tailgate party at home means providing more than some chips and salsa and plenty of beer. With a little planning in advance, you can throw a memorable party that people will love, even if your team loses the game at the end of the day.

Here’s what you’re going to need.

#1. The Right Food

A Tailgate party isn’t really a party unless you’ve got the right food. Unless you’re packing everyone into a tiny apartment, there is going to be an expectation to prepare that food outside. Don’t settle for bags of frozen foods that you can prepare on your own. Make your own salsa. Create your own Buffalo sauce. Grill those wings.

#2. The Charcoal

Sorry gas grillers. Charcoal is the only way to go when preparing food for the tailgate party. Propane grills can give you a nice, even sear, but won’t provide the same flavor profile for your grilled foods. If you don’t like the idea of on the bars, there are grill mats and pans you can use that will still impart the smokiness of the grill with the convenience of gas grilling.

#3. The Speakers

Portable tailgate speakers let the tunes play while you’re working on the food and encouraging conversation. Some nice background music is good for various tailgate games you might want to play before the real game starts too. Look for speakers that can go inside or outside so that you can have the music on wherever you happen to be.

#4. Team Spirit

Showing up at your tailgate party wearing your Sunday best is going to be a no-go. You’re going to want to be in your team gear. If you’re going to a tailgate party and don’t care about either team playing, then sport your homer gear and be proud of it. Remember to grab an apron that won’t make you look like an idiot as you grill so you don’t get splatter your $300 authentic jersey.

#5. The Games

Once your music has been sorted out, make sure you have some games to play at your tailgate party before the game. Sitting around the living room, watching bowling reruns, is a terrible way to get hyped for the game. Maybe you don’t have the space or equipment to do beer pong. Ladderball is a good option. You can play your own football game if the yard is big enough. Even a good board game is better than nothing.

#6. Going Top Shelf

Beer is necessary. Sodas, carbonated waters, and juices are needed. A great tailgate party also provides some top-shelf items to enjoy. Invest in a good bottle of scotch, real Champagne, and toast to a good game that’s about to start.

The perfect tailgate party at home is a way to bring your friends together so you all can have a great time, every time your team plays. Get your stuff together and start planning your next party right now.