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You’re throwing a party. You want the beats to be hot, the drinks to be cool, and the fun to be off the hook. To satisfy the first part of that equation, you’re going to need some speakers that will rock the tunes throughout your entire party area.

One option to consider is a Bluetooth portable party speaker. The advantage of going with Bluetooth is that you can listen to your music almost anywhere without the need to carry around a power source or be tied to a power cord.

The disadvantage of using a Bluetooth portable party speaker is that your music may not sound full or have the right frequency range to enjoy the complexities of the tune. Bluetooth speakers tend to sound a little tinny, like an older AM radio playing country music.

Here are some of the other pros and cons of Bluetooth portable party speakers to consider.

What Are the Pros of Bluetooth Party Speakers?

#1. It’s convenient. With the right setup, you could have your Bluetooth connection inside and the speakers outside thanks to the distance that is available with this technology. That allows you to keep some extra security around your stuff should the party be full of strangers.

#2. It’s affordable. Bluetooth speakers are highly affordable right now, with many options priced around $50. You can get a top-of-the-line portable party speaker with Bluetooth in the $100-$150 range. That makes the cost of this technology on par with other types of party equipment.

#3. It’s portable. You can take a Bluetooth party speaker almost anywhere when portability is an emphasis in its design. Whether you’re headed out to a tailgating party for the big game or you’re throwing a casual gathering in a friend’s backyard, you can bring the tunes so that everyone has a fantastic time.

What Are the Cons of Bluetooth Party Speakers?

#1. Your range is limited. Most Bluetooth connections can work between 30-60 feet at maximum. When your connection is further away from your speakers, the quality of the sound has a higher risk of going down. This means you or your device need to stay somewhat close together, which could limit your mingling potential.

#2. Security options are limited. Compared to other wireless data options, Bluetooth is insecure in the data that it transmits. If you have someone fuming about the fact that you didn’t invite them to the party, should they be tech-savvy enough, they could gain access to your device through the connection. All they’d need to do is be in range of the connection.

#3. Data transmission is slow. With Bluetooth 4.0, data transmits at 26 megabits, which is much faster than this technology happened to be when it was first introduced. That speed isn’t fast enough for some audio files, however, and that drops the quality of the tunes even further.

The best portable party speakers will give your next get-together some extra fun. Consider adding Bluetooth technology into the mix for added convenience and you may just be the hit of the party.