Your home may be your castle, but your property is your piece of paradise. With the right lighting, speakers, and A/V equipment, you can add value to your property while maximizing how you enjoy it.

I have a passion for A/V technology. Ever since I created my first presentation on a Tandy 8088 as a kid, I’ve wanted to push the boundaries of what audio and video technologies could do. I started programming Apple computers before the age of 10. Then, as a teen, I recognized the need to party just as hard as I was working.

That drove my passion toward speakers, projectors, and televisions. Sitting down to a good movie with an excellent audio experience and a high-contrast picture is a wonderful memory. You can throw great parties, go tailgating, and make life better with a few simple investments.

Come join me on this journey. Share my passion. Life is too short to deal with poor A/V equipment. Let’s find the best outdoor light and sound to meet your needs today.

Harry Martins, Resident Expert.