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You have a beautiful backyard. You want to turn it into a theater space where you can watch movies, your favorite shows, or even play video games with family and friends. This buyer’s guide will take you through the various items you’re going to need.

How Are You Going to Display a Picture?

To watch a movie, show, or play a video game, you’ll need some sort of screen. One of the easiest options is to purchase one of the best outdoor TVs. An outdoor TV has natural water-resistance built into it. The next best option would be to purchase a water-resistant cover that will fit around a TV you already own.

If you have a large wall or a screen you can install, then a new outdoor projector could be a better option. Projectors can give you a massive screen size of more than 200 inches with UHD technologies. You can literally have a screen that is just as large as what you’d find at the local movie theater.

How Will You Get Good Audio?

You’re going to want the best outdoor speakers to provide you with audio for your backyard theater. Wired and wireless options are available, though if the theater is a permanent installation, wired outdoor speakers are a better option. You’re going to want to purchase a speaker with full-range drivers for the best possible experience. Take care when adding a sub to the mix so you avoid the audio strain that can occur with the conflicting audio range that can occur.

Seating Should Not Be Ignored

If you’re creating an outdoor theater, you don’t need to worry about stadium seating. What you are going to need is comfort, quality, and weather-resistance. If you have moisture remain on fabric for a prolonged period, you can have mold begin to grow within the upholstery and that can be difficult to recover.

Moisture can also degrade materials over time when mold may not be a threat. Look for furniture options that are either easy to move inside when not using them or can be easily maintained.

Don’t Forget About the Accessories

You’re going to need something that can stream or run a disc to display your favorite movies or shows. This is a personal preference, but remember a Blu-Ray player will need the same weather-resistance as your TV or projector. If you decide to use streaming, ensure that your ISP setup provides the right level of speed to support the quality of video you wish to display.

Adding some additional touches of comfort, such as a mini-fridge for beverages, a small stove or grill to cook hot items, and additional lighting that you can adjust the brightness levels on can let you create the perfect ambiance.

It’s also nice to have these things when you need a quick snack and you’re about to take down the boss.

The best outdoor and backyard theaters provide a comforting experience that let you entertain yourself, your family, and your friends in the best way possible. Grab the best that your budget can afford and you’ll create a space that is loved for years to come.