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Floating speakers are one of the best innovations that have come to the industry in the last decade. There are two types of floating speakers that are available.

  • Speakers that offer a floating device that uses magnetic fields to suspend an object above the base of the device designed for indoor use.
  • Speakers that are waterproof and designed to work inside the pool.

If you’d like to pursue the first option, you can follow this link to find the most popular floating/levitating speakers on Amazon that will meet your needs – that’s not what this post is about.

If you’re ready to enjoy your favorite tunes in the pool, then let’s get started.

What Are the Best Waterproof Floating Speakers for the Pool?

The speakers that provide music in the pool must have waterproofing built into the housing. A minimum IPX6 rating is required, but 7 and 8 are going to be a better investment since that allows for deeper submersion. They must have Bluetooth capabilities. Here are the top-rated options in this category.

PictureNameOur RatingWater Resistance DepthPrice
KONG KIM LED Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 4.9
1 Meter
HDE Rechareable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 4.5
Saicoo Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker 4.1
1 Meter
Gracety Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 4.2
1 Meter
BassPal Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4.8
1 Meter
AOMAIS Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4.3
1 Meter
NUWA Portable Pool Floating Bluetooth Speaker 4.9
1 Meter
iJoy Beach Bomb Waterproof Shockproof Speaker 4.7
1 Meter
KONG KIM Portable Speakers with HD Sound 4.9
1 Meter
Annan Portable Bluetooth Speaker 4.9
1 Meter
PictureNameOur RatingWater Resistance DepthPrice

Levitating Speakers Through Water Instead of Magnetism

As one can imagine, the primary issue that floating pool speakers must address is the power supply. Water conducts electricity extremely well. Swimming in a pool with a power source in it is probably not the best idea someone ever had.

That’s why the best waterproof floating speakers for the pool will protect the wiring that runs power to the speaker so there is no exposure. These speakers are battery-operated and function at a low current. If exposure would happen, a mild shock in a limited area around the speaker would be the worst result.

Bluetooth speakers are the most common feature in this category because most pools have limited access to Wi-Fi connections. Since virtually every mobile device has Bluetooth incorporated with it at some level, it’s an effective way to have some music available while you’re relaxing or taking a swim.

AirPlay is not usually an option for floating pool speakers. That’s because that platform requires an existing Wi-Fi network for streaming. If you have an indoor pool, however, AirPlay is a superior option if you have already invested into Apple products because you can throw music from your iTunes playlists to it (or apps like Spotify) from your iPhone, iPad, or iMac.

How Good is the Audio from a Waterproof Floating Speaker?

Since 2015, the audio from Bluetooth streaming has improved dramatically. The technology used to feature lossy compression so it could stream audio to the headset paired to your phone. With the improvements in smartphone technologies and inventions like a floating pool speaker, Bluetooth has switched to Apt-X technologies for audio streaming.

That is how you can receive a wired quality sound through a wireless connection.

It also means the focus on quality has been thrown back into the court of the speaker manufacturers. Better quality speakers will transmit world-class audio with today’s technology. That means you don’t have to invest into a costly infrastructure remodel for your pool to enjoy music.

A couple of floating waterproof speakers for the pool will give you the same effect for a fraction of the cost, especially when you purchase speakers that can be networked together through the same Bluetooth pairing.

How You Can Know a Pool Speaker is Waterproof?

Coding for waterproof testing results is governed by the IP Code, which is International Protection Marking. Anyone can claim that their speaker is “waterproof.” This coding lets consumers know that the speaker is compliant with data that supports the conclusion offered by the manufacturer.

For a pool speaker to be waterproof, it must be given a water ingress rating of IPX7. That is the minimum rating for immersion in water. IPX7 allows a device to be immersed up to 1 meter, while IPX8 is a rating that indicates immersion beyond 1 meter is possible without threatening the device.

What you’ll find in our industry today are some marketers and manufacturers attempting to circumvent this coding to their advantage. An authentic IP Code that prevents water ingress is always designated with an X, followed by a number (such as IPX7). If you see a listing that has coding like “IPX-7” or “IP-7” or “IP7,” then there is no guarantee that the speaker is waterproof.

Never trust a pool speaker that does not have an authentic IP Code.

There is some confusion with the IP Codes for the lower numbers, specifically IPX5 and IPX6. This coding indicates that the product tested can withstand a higher water pressure from jets, like from a Jacuzzi or a pressure washer.

Both codes must be present for the waterproof pool speaker if it meets the pressure and the submersion requirements when tested. A proper identification would be IPX5/IPX8. This would indicate that exposure to pressure from standard water jets, plus submersion beyond 1 meter, are possible with that device.

If only one code is present, such as IPX5, then no submersion is possible with that pool speaker.

There are some waterproof pool speakers that do not have an X designation in the rating.

The IP code offers three different levels of protection that can be indicated for a device: solid particles, liquid ingress, and mechanical impact. The X in a pool speaker rating indicates that there is no solid particle protection rating for that device.

Therefore, if a waterproof speaker was promoted by a manufacturer as having a rating of IP68, it would provide complete protection against dust contact and be submerged to a depth beyond 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Here are some of the more unusual rankings that may be assigned to waterproof floating speakers for the pool that you may see and what they mean.

  • This speaker can withstand water projected in power jets against the enclosure of the device from any direction for a minimum of 3 minutes.
  • This speaker can withstand close-range high pressure and high temperature sprays for up to 30 seconds. Water temperatures of up to 80C can be withstood for up to 30 seconds at a specific angle.
  • If a number exists beyond the liquid ingress rating, it is an indication of the mechanical impact resistance of the speaker. Ratings of 0-3 are possible.

Some speakers may have a letter after the rating as well (such as IPX7S). A letter after the water ingress rating, excluding “K,” is intended to provide additional information regarding the protection the device can offer. Here is a breakdown of all the possible letters and what they mean.

  • F: Oil-resistant.
  • H: High-voltage device.
  • M: Indicates the device was moving during water testing.
  • S: Indicates the device was standing still during water testing.
  • W: Weather conditions were present during testing.

What Are the Prices of the Best Waterproof Floating Speakers?

You can’t miss when you decide to purchase a waterproof floating speaker to use in your pool. These speakers will work with almost any phone or tablet that you take outside to the water. If you’re at an indoor pool, then connect your PC through the Bluetooth connection for a simple way to have music.

Entry-level models in this speaker category are typically less than $100. Since 2016, several manufacturers have begun introducing speakers in a sub-$40 category and the sound that comes from the speaker is surprisingly full and complex.

If you want wired sounds from your wireless speaker, however, you’re still going to need to spend at least $150 to get what you want.

Compare this cost to the price of installing new speakers through a complete refurbish of a pool and the savings are immense.

For those who are looking for an AirPlay speaker for the pool, most are not intended to float on the water. They’re intended to plug into a wall and tend to be larger speakers. Pricing typically begins at $175 and goes higher than $400 for some manufacturers.

Reviews: 10 Wonderful Waterproof Floating Speakers

Kong Kim

We appreciated the simplicity of this floating pool speaker design. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and connects to compatible device within seconds. There’s a microphone built into this model as well, letting you take a phone call while lounging in the pool if you wish. This model is rated IP67, so it has dust resistance in addition to its water resistance, allowing you to take it almost anywhere. An FM radio, 4 LED colors, and up to 24 hours of floating time per session are possible with this top model. It’s a real treat.

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This affordable waterproof speaker for the pool gets all the basics right. It can be used indoors or outdoors and allows for hands-free calling. You can use it as a floating speaker if you wish or you can take advantage of the small suction cup to use it in the shower if you wish. It will stream your music apps with a surprisingly good sound quality and the battery can last about 5 hours on a single charge, though 6 hours is possible. The USB charging cable is included with purchase and you can choose from one of three colors… or get all 3 colors at this price.

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Even though this little waterproof floating speaker has a 5W driver, it sounds like it is 4 times bigger with the sound that you’re able to receive. Rated at IPX7, this speaker is designed to prevent corrosion in addition to keeping itself waterproof. There is a clear microphone function on this speaker that is easy to access and you can reject calls to keep relaxing quickly and easily. In the box includes an auxiliary cable and a USB charging cable. This is one of the few waterproof floating speakers that also offers an 18-month warranty and lifetime support. It’s definitely one to consider.

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This is another waterproof floating speaker for the pool that has an IPX7 rating. Unlike some speakers, this one does an excellent job of staying upright in the pool while floating, giving the user a consistent music quality and experience. It offers a suction cup for stability or indoor use and the built-in microphone doesn’t have the grainy quality that similar models tend to have. The only thing that would improve this speaker’s design would be a clip so you could attach it to a bag or purse while traveling. Take it everywhere and be prepared to have some fun.

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This shower speaker is rated IPX7, though some documentation says it is IP67-rated. It includes an FM radio and can float for up to 24 hours without difficulty. The suction cup is larger on this design than some other models, but that gives it less traction for some applications, so the hold isn’t as good. The sound quality is on par with the premium speakers in this category and the LED lights are a nice touch. One concern: it requires a micro-USB charging cable, which you receive in the box.

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This little waterproof speaker, rated IPX7, has a very good audio quality that puts almost every other speaker in this category to shame. It isn’t a great speaker for floating, but it can get the job done for you. The 8W driver is the primary feature of this speaker, giving the user an audio quality that is equal to any wired speaker. These speakers can be paired together if you have 2+ of them to create stereo sound with your Bluetooth connection. They’re lightweight, portable, and are backed by a 12-month warranty.

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Another IPX7-rated waterproof pool speaker, this option has better shock-resistance than other models and that is what gives it an advantage. It is one of the few floating pool speakers that has achieved certifications from ROHS, FCC, and CE. It connects consistently to compatible Bluetooth devices and offers easy controls, including the option to skip songs in your playlist or replay a favorite song that everyone loved. It can act as a speakerphone like most in this category. With a maximum connection distance of 100+ feet, you’ll definitely want to put this speaker to good use.

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Although this speaker is rated IP66, it still handles floating and can be used in the pool, though you’ll want to be careful about full submersion with this model. Think of it more as a general-purpose outdoor speaker that can also be used in the pool from time to time. It is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and provides up to 6 hours of use with a 2-hour charge on the 2000 mAh batter. There’s an aux-in jack and a 3.5mm USB cable that adds to the versatility of this speaker’s design. With 6 different colors from which to choose, there is one that will meet your unique needs today.

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Kong Kim HD

If you’re looking for a tougher pool speaker that has everything you could ever want at the touch of a button, then go HD with this floating model. It can float for more than 24 hours and has a soft ABS cover that gives you added shock resistance and protection and against dust and debris. The quality of sound from this speaker is excellent, with crispness and clarity that is difficult to find within this category. Use the suction cup in the shower since affixing it to a pool wall can be a bit of an issue. With LED lighting and easy controls to use, this is one of the best portable speakers to take with you anywhere.

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We love the smaller, more compact design that comes with this portable pool speaker. The entire housing is made from silicone rubber, so long-term exposure to chlorinated pool water may not be the best idea. The wrist strap for the speaker is a nice addition, letting the user turn it into a travel radio when not lounging poolside. It weighs less than 1 pound, has a good 4500 mAh battery, and gives you 12 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge. Out of all the speakers we looked at, this one had the best overall bass experience in this category. Give it a look and you’ll see why it earns our recommendation.

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The best waterproof floating speakers for the pool may not offer levitation or audio that connects to your world-class entertainment system, but they can still be a foundational part of a good time for get-togethers with family and friends. Make sure the waterproof ratings are present and authentic before finalizing any purchase and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite playlists while swimming and splashing all year long.