Outdoor Entertainment Products

Getting together with the family for movie night creates treasured memories. Gathering the gang together for the big game can be lots of fun. Instead of grouping everyone together in a small room, with the best outdoor TVs, you can have a backyard party or family evening and have a great time.

Outdoor TVs give your backyard a real advantage: you create a space for entertaining yourself or others for a minimal investment.

What Are the Best Outdoor TVs?

Indoor TVs are not designed to meet the demanding needs of the weather outside. The best outdoor TVs are sealed to prevent dust, resist moisture, while still providing a high-quality viewing experience. These are the current top-rated outdoor TVs that are available right now.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
SunBriteTV Veranda 4K Ultra HD LED TV 4.8
43 Inches
Mirage Vision G-Series Thin Outdoor TV 4.8
46 Inches
Mirage Vision G-Series Thin LED TV 4.3
40 Inches
TCL 720p Roku Smart LED TV 4.2
32 Inches
SunBriteTV Outdoor Veranda 4K Ultra HD LED HDTV 4.8
55 Inches
TV Shield Weatherproof TV Enclosure with Fan 4.8
50 Inches
SunBriteTV Outdoor Pro HD LED TV 4.8
49 Inches
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

6 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor TVs

 #1. There are only a handful of manufacturers that are currently building true outdoor televisions.

#2. You can purchase an enclosure to turn an indoor TV into an outdoor TV, but not every indoor brand is compatible with the enclosures that are currently manufactured. You’ll need to check the specifications of the enclosure and compare them to your current TV if you used this method to create an outdoor entertainment area.

#3. Outdoor TVs can be used in virtually any environment or area, including around the pool. You just need to use care when installing this TV to ensure it will not create an electrocution hazard should it fall from its installation point for some reason.

#4. The best outdoor TVs have cooling fans to ensure the unit does not overheat. If a TV is operating in direct sunlight, the exterior enhances the interior heat when a fan is not present and this can cause damage to the television. Enclosures for indoor TVs so they can be used outdoors should have exhaust fans as well.

#5. An outdoor TV should have a brightness setting that allows it to be viewed in any light. Although darkness tends to provide the best screen viewing, if the big game is during the day and you’re throwing a huge home tailgating party, you’ll need enough brightness for daylight viewing. Clarity and color should be examined with the brightness setting to ensure the TV can meet your needs.

#6. Don’t forget to consider the sound quality of the TV. You might hook up the best outdoor speakers to create an outdoor entertainment system, but some owners may not have the space to do so. If the TV has poor sound quality, the best picture in the world can’t save the viewing experience.

Why You Should Care About the Nits

An outdoor TV should be examined for nits before purchase.

No. We’re not talking about head lice here. For an outdoor TV, nits are a measurement of luminance. It will tell you how intense the visible light coming from the television happens to be. One nit is the equivalent to one candlepower per square meter.

The best outdoor TVs should have twice the nit rating as an indoor TV.

The average indoor television is usually about 250 nits. Some go as high as 350 nits. For a bright outdoor TV that can be used in daylight conditions, you’ll need to have a minimum of 500 nits. If there is glare present, you may need to have an ultra-bright outdoor TV that produces 700 nits.

This is another reason why indoor TVs just don’t make the grade when you’re creating an outdoor entertainment space. If you have an enclosed patio that has some weather exposure, an enclosure for your indoor TV could be a reasonable compromise to make. In any other circumstance, however, you’ll want to invest into one of the best outdoor TVs so you can see what you want to watch.

How to Find the Best Outdoor TV for Me

Because outdoor TVs are priced higher than indoor sets, it is a good idea to future-proof this investment. If your budget will allow it, you’ll want to purchase a television that provides a 4K resolution at minimum. An 8K outdoor TV is your best option in this category. A standard 1080p HD outdoor TV will meet most needs right now for a cheaper price, but it may offer limited use in future TV broadcasts.

Remember the analog-to-digital conversion that occurred several years ago? That may happen again for HD to UHD. Investing in that switch now could save you money in the future.

Refresh rates are important to consider as well. Anything less than 120 Hz will create blurring on the screen whenever there is fast movement. For live sports and action movies, this can be a deal-breaker to a viewer. The difference in price between a 60 Hz television and one with a 120 Hz refresh rate is minimal, so look for savings elsewhere if the budget is tight.

Then take the contrast and ratio specifications of an outdoor television with a grain of salt. These specs are in the eye of the beholder and it is easy to promote a higher quality than is received. Trust your eyes over the specs. If you can view an outdoor TV you wish to purchase before completing the transaction, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

If you can’t see a TV model before purchase, make sure to take advantage of the return policies that are in place if the screen doesn’t provide the ratios you need for your entertainment space.

Knowing the Size of Outdoor Television You Need

Many outdoor TVs are installed in a specific space. Measuring that space before purchase is essential to the outdoor TV purchasing process. Match the dimensions you measure to the exterior frame measurements that are available in the best outdoor TV reviews and descriptions.

Do not use the diagonal measurement for the installation. A 55-inch outdoor TV will not fit in a 55-inch installation space.

What you can do is choose the largest TV size that can fit into your available space. For most people, a new TV set is going to be between 55-65 inches on the diagonal measurement. These numbers are rounded, so if you were to measure the diagonal yourself, you’d likely find your 55-inch TV is closer to 54 inches.

How close you sit to your television should dictate the size of the screen that you need. For an outdoor TV, choose a screen size that is about 3 times smaller than where you anticipate the viewing area to be. If you purchase a 55-inch outdoor TV today, then your viewing area should be 165 inches from the screen for the best viewing.

That means your seating area would be about 14 feet away. If you’re purchasing a 4K UHD outdoor TV, however, the best viewing area would be about 7 feet away.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pixels and Outdoor Televisions

“Digital streaming typically occurs at 480p.”

It wasn’t that long ago that 480 pixels for a television set was a remarkable technology. Do you remember when a 42-inch plasma television would run over $2,000 retail?

Now 480p is laughable when you’re shopping for an outdoor TV. UHD televisions currently have 2160p. If you purchase a television that offers 8K UHD, then you’re receiving 4,320p, or a resolution that is almost 10 times higher than what the best TVs offered less than 20 years ago.

When shopping for a new outdoor TV, you’ll discover that there are 2 measurement numbers offered for pixel strength. For example: a standard HD television is 1920p x 1080p. It is the second number that is used in most manufacturers’ descriptions to indicate the resolution quality for the television.

The first number for an HDTV (the 1920p) is the horizontal resolution to expect with that specific model. The second number (the 1080p) is the vertical resolution.

Now if you’re watching a streaming video on your cell phone, it will say, “streaming at 480p” or “720p.” Now that doesn’t mean the size of your picture is the equivalent of a television. It is a reflection of the overall quality of the picture being received.

If you receive a 720p stream on your computer, then that is the equivalent of what you’d receive for the vertical resolution on an HDTV.

As of 2017, there are few 4K streaming options and fewer broadcast options. 8K streaming and broadcasting are even more rare. That’s why it may be tempting to invest in a standard 1080p HD outdoor TV.

A general rule of thumb is this: purchase the most TV you can afford. That way you only need to make one purchase.

Pricing for the Best Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs are priced higher than indoor models because of the additional manufacturing required to prevent damage to the unit. Smaller televisions in the 42-inch range are priced around $1,500. If you want a 65-inch outdoor TV, expect to pay at least $2,500 for most models.

If you need extreme weather resistance, expect a price of over $4,000 for the best outdoor TVs that are available right now.

Reviews: 8 Outstanding Outdoor TVs

SunBriteTV 43-Inch

Any outdoor TV can provide a reasonably excellent picture in the shade. It’s what you see in the sunshine that matters and this TV can handle it with breathtaking detail. This is a 4k UHD TV that admittedly works better in a four-seasons porch or enclosure than as a true outdoor TV, but the durable aluminum case still gives you the protection that is needed. Built-in speakers do a decent job for the audio, while you have 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports for your setup. We found it to be an excellent outdoor TV that is well worth the investment.

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Mirage Vision 46-Inch

The problem with many of the best outdoor TVs is that they are super bulky. You can install them virtually anywhere, but the size of the frame makes the set stick out like a sore thumb in some yards. With this extremely thin outdoor TV, you have the installation options of an indoor TV, but with the versatility of an outdoor TV. It uses LED backlight modulation technologies to give the user brightness that can slice through sunlight and let you enjoy a great picture at any time of day. Perfect for tailgate parties, a spa room, or an outdoor theater, this is one investment that makes sense.

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Mirage Vision 40-Inch

If you live in a land of temperature extremes, then this is the outdoor TV you’re going to want to own. The total temperature range for this TV is -25F to 145F, which means it can handle direct sunlight in most locations. With TFT active matrix liquid crystal technologies and enhanced brightness through backlighting, you can see a great picture in virtually any environment. The contrast levels are average in sunlight, but make the picture pop in the twilight hours. If you don’t mind a smaller size at 40-inches, then you’ll love what this TV can do for your property.

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The televisions that have been coming out of China recently have been surprisingly excellent. This Roku TV combination with TCL has produced a smart TV that lets you do almost everything. Connect Netflix, Hulu, or your HBO Now account (with several other apps), along with your consoles and other equipment, for a complete entertainment systems. At 32 inches, the TV is smaller than most flatscreens today, but the picture still looks nice. It isn’t a full outdoor TV, but could work on an enclosed porch or 4-seasons room. You can’t beat the price!

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SunBriteTV 55-Inch

This 4K UHD TV gives you the optimal viewing experience with a size that makes watching movies and TV shows extra fun. Connect your PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii and you’ll put a brand-new spin on family game night thanks to the outdoor capabilities of this television. With 30% added brightness than an indoor TV, you’ll find the colors pop well in virtually any environment. It supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 so that 4K compatibility with streaming sources can happen.

Pound-for-pound, this is the best value purchase in the category.

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TV Shield

If you’re hesitant to pay several thousand dollars for an outdoor TV, then consider this weatherproof shield instead for your current television. It’s weatherproof, temperature regulated, and water-resistant with an exhaust fan to keep the TV cool. You have 2 chambered and keyed locks to prevent unauthorized entry and venting to prevent heat build-up. Screens are on the vents to prevent insect intrusion. Although an indoor TV can be hard to see in direct daylight, a porch, this enclosure, and your current TV can make for a good combination.

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SunBrite TV Pro

This 49-inch TV gives you a professional viewing experience at almost any angle. It is ultra-bright, with a 700-nit rating, and the anti-glare screen reduces reflections to give you pure colors and an excellent contrast. The screen is noticeably brighter than other models and enhanced solar tolerance technologies give you additional installation options. Owners in colder environments will love the fact that the temperature range for the TV drops to an amazing -40F. A detachable speaker bar, which mounts top or bottom, and a weatherproof remote are included with purchase.

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SunBriteTV 22-Inch

It’s nice to have a small TV around so you can watch the news or stay up-to-date on the score of a game while you’re getting some chores done. At 22 inches, this isn’t the biggest TV you’ll ever own, but it still gives you a solid outdoor option so you, your family, and friends can stay entertained. It has a slight widescreen format to it as well, which makes it perfect for playing movies for the kids. Mount it to a wall or let it stand on its own.

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The best outdoor TVs will let you build an entertainment center that fits with the strengths of your property. Find the model that works best for you and then get ready to have a good time.