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The best portable party speakers can help you create a fun and lively party, wherever you happen to be. One tradition in the United States is the tailgating party that occurs in the morning before a big NFL game. You head out to the stadium parking lot, get the grill going, throw the pigskin, and have some great tunes playing.

Instead of draining the battery on your vehicle, use a portable party speaker to create fun. And if you want to experience NFL tailgating culture, here are the best locations that you’ll want to bring your party speakers to enjoy at least once.

Best Places in the NFL for Tailgating

#1. Soldier Field

It might get cold and the wind might rattle your bones, but the tailgating culture of Chicago is second-to-none. You have lots that have restrictions in place for family-friendly tailgating and there are lots where almost anything goes (assuming it’s legal). Bring some steaks to grill, don’t forget to bring the doughnuts (it’s surprisingly good), and don’t forget to blast some blues.

#2. Gillette Stadium

Love or hate the Patriots, the party out in the parking lot is what will bring everyone together. The spread that you’ll find during tailgating time here is world-class, from chowder to grilled seafood to a fantastic burger. Even if the snow is blowing, your portable party speakers will have people dancing in the streets… or at least as they huddle in blankets to stay warm.

#3. Arrowhead Stadium

If the kickoff is at noon, you’ll find the first tailgaters getting ready to have some fun as early as 7am. Having some beer and bacon then is like sharing a cold one with your buddy in the fishing boat as sunrise begins to shine. It’s expected. Because tailgating can be an all-day affair in Kansas City, make sure you grab a portable party speaker that has an 8-hour battery life so you’re not the party spoiler.

#4. First Energy Stadium

Cleveland has a terrible record when it comes to winning football games, but their record of tailgating excellence is well-known. Be prepared for chili that will burn your throat by having a Bloody Mary close so you can cool the spice down right away. One great tailgating tradition here is the fried turkey, making the party feel like Thanksgiving every week.

#5. Raymond James Stadium

In most NFL cities, the best tailgating parties are thrown by hardened season ticket holders who venture out more for the food and fun than the game. Tampa Bay is one of the exceptions to the rule. The official tailgating party of the team gets you unlimited food, a couple of drinks, and autograph opportunities – though you must fit them into the 90 minutes before the game. In this instance, a personal party speaker is a better option. Bring your earbuds, jam out to a good song, and turn those drink tickets in before the start of the game.

The best NFL tailgate locations are the perfect place for the best tailgate speakers. Even if you have no intention of attending the game, you can come for the food, stay for the fun, and feel satisfied.