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If you’re throwing a party of any type, then party speakers can help bring your attendees to life. These larger speakers tend to have numerous features that will help you create the right atmosphere for dancing, enhance the environment, and broadcast sound so that everyone around can hear the music or what you may need to say.

Here are some of the best features to look for when a portable party speaker is on your shopping list.

#1. Portable Stands

Some party speakers will sit on the floor and do a reasonably good job of broadcasting sound. The problem, however, is that the sound waves travel horizontally, so a maximized audio impact isn’t necessarily achieved. By raising the speakers off the floor, you can create deeper, fuller sounds with better frequency awareness. Look for models that have portable stands that fold up for easy transportation for the best results.

#2. Docking

If you’re looking for a basic speaker, but need a power source for your equipment, then look for party speakers that include docking. Some models will work with mobile devices, while others are designed to work with your laptop. You can even turn some party speaker models into an amp because docking for your electronic instruments is also available. If you like to DJ or you want to play specific playlists, this feature is a solid, affordable option to consider.

#3. Lights

Several portable party speakers offer various light patterns and displays that lend to a festive environment. Some models allow the lights to work with the beats of the music being played, while high-end models allow the light displays to be programmed into specific shapes, patterns, or presentations.

#4. Rechargeable Power

Some of the best portable party speakers offer a completely wireless experience. Perfect for tailgating or an outdoor party at a remote location, some speakers can provide 8+ hours of service on a single charge. Look for the usage rating when reviewing each speaker model to make sure that you find one that fits your needs. Some models only offer 60-90 minutes of use per charge and are priced equally to those that offer all-day use.

#5. Handles

Party speakers need to be portable to be useful. Some speakers come with cases that allow you to carry them easily to the next destination. Another option is a built-in handle that lets you roll the speaker along the ground in a fashion that is similar to travel luggage. These travel speakers tend to be smaller and have less output, but some of them also run on alkaline batteries so you have a truly portable experience.

#6. Stackability

What’s better than having a high-quality portable party speaker at your next gathering? Having more than one speaker! Some models have introduced stacking so that you can wire the speakers together to maximize audio output and range. Some stackable models come with frequency adjustment controls as well, allowing you to add bass, treble, or fade to the final product.

The best features of today’s portable party speakers let you create a get-together that provides the definition of fun. Get started today and take your parties to the next level.