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When you’re out on the water, you deserve to have the best sound possible for your boat. That means installing the best marine speakers that fit your needs. How can you tell which marine speakers are contenders and which are pretenders?

By asking these 5 key questions of every brand and model that is available.

#1. What is the best speaker size for my boat?

If you’re replacing an existing set of marine speakers, then the size you’ll need has been pre-determined for you. For those who need to cut a new hole into their boat for the installation, however, you’ll need to measure the space that is available and then find the best combination of size, quality, and sound that will meet your needs.

#2. What is the depth of the speaker?

Speaker size is important, but so is speaker depth. Some boats require a speaker to be flush-mounted, while others can handle more of a box. Look for speakers that will work with the enclosed space behind the installation point so you can have the best quality sound possible. If you need more of an enclosure to prevent sound dissipation, look for a box speaker that comes equipped with an enclosure so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

#3. What type of speaker is my best option?

There are 4 types of marine speakers that are available through almost every brand and manufacturer.

  • Dual-cone speakers offer consistency in the low and mid-range frequencies, with some high-frequency output, but do not deliver a sound that is full and broad.
  • Coaxial speakers use multiple drivers to improve sound quality and depth. It is often the best choice for those who need an all-around performance out of a few speakers.
  • Component speakers consistent of multiple installations because they separate the tweeters from the woofers, while often including a subwoofer for improve sound production. It requires more space, but provides the best quality sound.
  • Subwoofers provide bass frequencies only and are used to produce a louder volume of sound over a prolonged period.

#4. What features do I need for my speakers?

The modern marine speaker can come with several different features. Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most useful additions to consider as an add-on. There are USB ports and speaker docks that come with certain models as well. This makes it easier to manage multiple audio devices at once so you can bring customized playlists or specialized music when you’re out on the water.

#5. Is the speaker water-resistant or waterproof?

There is a legitimate difference between a speaker that is water-resistant and a speaker that is waterproof. Unless you only use your boat to float and anticipate light splashing only or you plan on outfitting an interior area on your boat with music capabilities, a waterproof marine speaker is going to be your best option.

The best marine speakers serve several different needs, so there isn’t one specific solution that works for every boat owner. Ask yourself these questions as you shop and you’ll find the perfect speaker for your boat today.