You have great indoor equipment to play music and audio. Why shouldn’t you have equally great equipment for your outdoors as well? That’s why the best outdoor speakers are such a great investment.

Not only can you take your music outside, but you can also build the foundation of an entire outdoor entertainment complex. From theaters to pools to parties, the right speakers can make sure everyone has a great time at your place.

What Are the Best Outdoor Speakers?

One chart. Top-rated outdoor speakers that can help you find the best features and options that are available right now. Give these a look and see which models can satisfy your needs right now.

PictureNameOur RatingDimensions (Inches)Price
Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way Studio Speakers 4.3
8.3 x 5.3 x 5.3
Omaker M6 Portable Bluetooth Speakers 4.7
5.6 x 1.7 x 2.8
Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers 4.6
7.5 x 6.2 x 9.5
Yamaha All Weather 2-Way Speakers 4.2
13.5 x 7.1 x 8.2
Kicker Full Range Outdoor Speakers 4.6
17 x 15 x 10
Doss Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers 4.8
6.5 x 4.4 x 2.4
Bose 151 SE Elegant Outdoor Speakers 4.5
6 x 12.5 x 4.5
Klipsch CP-6 Outdoor Speaker 4.8
6.1 x 7 x 11
Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers 4.6
29.1 x 15.9 x 16
TIC GS-3 Outdoor In-Ground Omnidirectional Speaker 4.5
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.8
PictureNameNameDimensions (Inches)Price

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Speakers?

In theory, any speaker offers the potential of being an outdoor speaker. Just place the speaker outside and you’ve got a useful tool for your audio needs. What sets the outdoor speaker apart is its ability to withstand the elements, cut through interference, and give you depths of sound that will create an amazing experience.

Here are the different types of outdoor speakers that you’ll find are available right now.

  • Permanent. Stereo speakers that are designed to be outside can be permanently installed. It’s a process that is like installing an indoor speaker, but you gain two advantages. Most outdoor speakers are weatherproof and mounting brackets are included to give you additional mounting angles based on the materials (stone, wood, landscaping materials) that are present on the property.
  • Patio and Garden. Some outdoor speakers are designed to sit on the ground, be mounted on a pole or stake, or camouflage with your landscaping to provide you with outdoor audio. This option tends to be more affordable than a permanent speaker, but won’t have the same output levels.
  • Input. This type of outdoor speaker can provide audio to a large area. You’ll need to wire the speakers to the input, but this will give you a maximum level of quality to your audio.
  • Portable. Bluetooth speakers that work in the outdoors give you the option of having a personal speaker that you can pair with your favorite devices so that you can take music with you anywhere you go.

You’ll find subwoofers, 70-volt speakers, and unique designs can all complement your audio strategy for the outdoors as well.

Cone Size, Wattage, and All That Technical Stuff to Think About

Outdoor speakers are available in a wide range of sizes. The general range for a speaker today is about 2 inches to a massive 15 inches.

What you need to think about for your new speakers is the cone size of the speaker. The diameter of the cone can tell you about the volume of the speaker and the level of bass that can be achieved, but it won’t let you see what the quality of the tone will be.

The only problem is that a larger cone size generally translates into a more expensive outdoor speaker.

A bigger cone allows more air to move through the speaker, creating an expansive sound that can fill the outdoor environment. They’ll also require a lot of power to make that happen. This is where the wattage measurement must also be considered.

Just about every speaker comes with a wattage rating. It is the power rating for that speaker that lets you know what the threshold of the device happens to be. Think of it as the maximum power level that is available. It isn’t the “constant power level” of the speaker.

Unless the cone size is specifically mentioned in the description, the measurement of inches is the approximate width of the actual speaker and the housing. Look for the specific dimensions for the driver cone to know what you’re getting.

It is important to note that the measurements listed for a speaker are considered “suggestive.”

A final measurement to consider is the maximum sound pressure level. This measurement lets you know how loud the speaker happens to be from a specific distance. At 1 meter, it is normal for a speaker to have a rating up to 120 decibels. For an outdoor speaker, you’ll want to know the decibel level at 50-100 meters. You’ll want it to be in the 60-decibel range so the music or audio can be heard.

The Importance of Bass with Your Outdoor Speakers

The outdoors isn’t the easiest place to have high-quality audio present. Even a slight breeze on a summer’s day can be enough to disrupt the listening experience. That’s why you need to consider the wattage and cone ratings in the bass frequencies to get the best possible result.

Audio with strong bass frequencies have the best chance to cut through environmental interference.

To have a good sound pressure level in the bass outputs, you’re going to need a speaker that can move a large volume of air while being able to maintain a high maximum cone excursion.

If the outdoor speakers are unable to distribute the bass frequencies properly, then the music being played will lack rhythm and harmony. Audio that has inconsistent bass frequencies will make voices seem tinny and monotonic. Bass provides the pulse of the audio were hear and brings listeners along for the ride.

Usage Matters with the Best Outdoor Speakers

Before settling on the outdoor speakers you wish to purchase today, it is important to consider what you wish to achieve with your audio setup. If your goal is to listen to the radio or your favorite playlists while reading a book on your patio, then spending thousands on a professional speaker setup makes zero sense.

On the other hand, you’ll struggle to create a fun outdoor theater experience when all you use for the audio are portable Bluetooth speakers.

Usage matters because the power requirements for your new speakers will need to be in place to avoid hidden costs and surprises that will be required. If your speakers need to have a dedicated power line run from your fuse box, then the additional circuit could cost several hundred dollars.

You can go wireless to avoid this power investment, but that might mean you need to create a line of sight between your speakers and audio equipment so it will operate properly. In some backyards or landscape designs, that may not be possible.

Rechargeable portable outdoor speakers will need a charger and that is not always included in the purchase price of the speaker.

Going Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Both?

For outdoor speakers, most will incorporate Bluetooth technology to link the device to your laptop, smartphone, or other audio input. The benefit of owning a Bluetooth outdoor speaker is that you can pair it with several devices, including competing operating systems, such as iOS and Android. The disadvantage is that you can only stream audio from one device at a time with Bluetooth.

For that reason, some may wish to look at the benefits of a Wi-Fi outdoor speaker. You can stream to multiple speakers simultaneously with a Wi-Fi connection, with a range that extends to 150 feet in most situations. Bluetooth, in comparison, can stream to about 30 feet. Wi-Fi has bandwidth limitations, however, and if multiple devices are on your network, the streaming quality of your audio can go into the toilet quickly.

That’s why if you’re thinking about a wireless outdoor speaker, it may be beneficial to choose one that can handle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You gain all the advantages of both technologies in one speaker, but this model tends to cost more than the other speakers that offer the potential of meeting your needs.

Most outdoor wireless speakers that provide a strong audio output will require AC power, so you’ll need access to an outlet. Bluetooth speakers are often battery-powered and portable, so they’re good for personal use more often than party use.

Then the size, shape, and design of the speaker must be considered. It isn’t just about the aesthetics of the outdoor speaker. The form of the speaker on some units can affect the portability or the sound that it can produce. Many outdoor speakers tend to house a dual experience in a single housing to create a localized stereo sound. Having the left and right speakers separated can be a more effective stereo experience for many outdoor environments.

What Are the Prices of the Best Outdoor Speakers?

Outdoor speakers are typically priced in the $50-$150 range. If you purchase entry-level speakers with minimal reach and output, you can even find some that are priced less than this. Within this price range, you’ll find all the types of outdoor speaker available.

If the quality of the sound is more important than the final price, then premium outdoor speakers can be found in the $200+ category. Some brands, such as Bose, may have even higher prices. In return, however, you’ll receive consistent high-quality sounds that everyone will enjoy.

Reviews: 10 Fantastic Outdoor Speakers

Dual Electronics

This 3-way multipurpose speaker set offers indoor and outdoor settings so you receive a maximum level of versatility. A swivel bracket makes installation incredibly easy and offers up to 120 degrees of motion so an accurate stereo sound experience can be created. These speakers have an ABS enclosure and are UV-treated so their integrity can be preserved for patio placement. Sounds are naturally amplified from a 4-inch woofer and 1-inch midrange. They’re backed by a 1-year warranty.

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This portable Bluetooth speaker gives you indoor and outdoor goodness with crystal clear sounds and a premium bass experience. Complex audio details can still be detected with this little speaker thanks to 20 band EQ adjustments that automatically occur. A built-in microphone lets you take hands-free calls if your phone is connected to the speaker. Bluetooth connections are consistent even when 60+ feet away. It can be a travel speaker, a pool speaker, or a general outdoor speaker for your next backyard party. Considering its price, you’ll want to give this speaker a closer look today.

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Polk Audio

These outdoor speakers meet military specifications for outdoor use, so they’ll be a great addition to your backyard. Aluminum domes and rubber surrounds give you a smooth response, better power handling, and consistency within the audio output. Installation is super simple with its speed-lock mounting system, letting you put these speakers into almost any location. Backed by a 5-year parts and labor warranty, these outdoor speakers stand up to harsh environments, look great, and will give your next get-together some added energy.

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This all-weather pair of speakers gives you a portable design with 130 watts of power. These speakers are Energy Star certified and feature a 1-inch PEI dome tweeter. They’re magnetically shielded, have water-resistance, and a design that suspends acoustics effectively. The result? Sounds that are clear, crisp, and precise. The bass response is controlled and smooth, providing the foundation of a complex audio output. For all-around performance, this is one of the best outdoor speakers that you’ll find available right now.

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These full-range speakers give you a max power of 150 watts and an RMS power of 75 watts. They are high-efficiency speakers that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, providing an 8-ohm lad and ready for a stereo receiver. Put them on your porch, under your eaves, or out by the pool so your next get-together can have maximum fun. The audio output blends well to provide a smooth listening experience, but there’s enough customization available to produce a signature sound. Use them as marine speakers or put them with your home entertainment system. Either way, you’re going to love them.

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This travel speaker is rugged. Rated IP66, you can take this outdoor speak almost anywhere and still hear your favorite tunes. The sounds are bold and the bass lively even though it is a 20W speaker. You’ll receive up to 12 hours of playtime when the rechargeable battery has a full charge. It provides a 3W flashlight for evening parties and hands-free compatibility so you can take a phone call if needed. The volume on this speaker is impressive and with a strobe light mode, you can set the mood for dancing or find help in an emergency. Grab this speaker because you’ll love all its features.

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These elegant outdoor speakers provide one of the most authentic sounds you’ll ever hear from a speaker of any size. One of the secrets to this brand’s success is their glass-filled speaker cone, which delivers a reliably authentic audio output for any type of music. The cabinet on these speakers is also filled with glass, with a polypropylene housing, so the weather resistance is incredible. The brackets are weather-resistant also, allowing an installation in almost any backyard. Even humidity and fog are non-factors for these speakers.

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If you need a compact speaker that can provide you with a high-performance result, then these indoor/outdoor speakers are the perfect investment. They offer a multi-purpose design that allows the speaker to work for almost any need in any hoe. Installing them is fast and simple and angle adjustments can be made without tools. Brackets and wiring require just one screwdriver for the install. Then, with the Tractrix Horn technology included, the detail and clarity from the audio output is one of the richest, most dynamic experiences you’ll ever encounter. Once you hear these speakers, whatever you currently own will sound like a second-best option.

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Bose Space Savers

These speakers are designed to be outside full-time and work with your landscaping plan. One of the few speakers that provides a genuine 360-degree listener experience, it is one rugged speaker. It can withstand temperatures up to 150F or as cold as -40F. It even passed the salt fog testing that is required for a speaker to qualify as a marine speaker. Mounting holes make installation incredibly easy. Put them on your deck, place them on the ground, and enjoy the impactful bass.

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These in-ground 360-degree speakers are a good budget-friendly option if you want a permanent outdoor installation. Their ABS-housing is weather resistant and there are surface-mount installation options if you prefer. The max power is 200W, while the RMS power is 100W. It has a full-range coaxial driver with a 2-inch tweeter and an 8-inch woofer. Thanks to the reflection cone on this design, your backyard won’t be left with audio hotspots. Instead, you’ll find consistent sounds available throughout your space, no matter what the season may be.

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The best outdoor speakers provide an opportunity to throw a great party, create an outdoor movie space, or offer numerous entertainment options.

Be sure to review our guide on choosing Bluetooth speakers vs. wired speakers so you choose the best possible design for your property.

We also have several installation ideas for a new outdoor projector that can coordinate with your new speakers.

Our key benefits of outdoor speaker systems can help you find the perfect speaker for your needs as well.

The best outdoor speakers give you numerous audio options at affordable prices. Life is too short to deal with inconsistent audio. Take charge of your entertainment today with speakers like these and you’ll have a great time.